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GST Registration Enrollment Process

GST Registration

GST Registration has already started for the existing tax payers. Taxpayers will receive a postal letter or email from state tax authorities containing provisional registration id and password to enable users with registration. States have declared the deadlines to get registered for the new taxation. 

The GSTIN migration window for existing taxpayers will open for a final time on 26th June 2017.

Who Needs GST Registration

Similar to other taxes, liability for GST registration will be based on aggregate turnover of the entity.

RegionAggregate Turnover
North East India + Sikkim, J&K, Himachal Pradesh and UttarakhandRs 10 Lakhs
Rest of IndiaRs 20 Lakhs

If you are existing taxpayer and qualify based on aggregate turnover then you would require GST Registration on an immediate basis. An existing taxpayer means all the entities those are already registered under one or more among the following:

  1. Central Excise
  2. Service Tax
  3. VAT
  4. Entry Tax
  5. Luxury Tax
  6. Entertainment Tax

How to complete GST Registration Online

Once you receive your provisional ID from your tax officer, either you can visit and follow the instructions or outsource GST Registration to us .

Step by Step process for enrollment is as follows

First Time Login using Provisional ID and Password

  1. Access the official website of GST.
  2. For first time login, use the username that you received by tax authorities as Provisional ID and password to create a login. If you have not received your provisional ID or lost it then contact your State VAT Department.
  3. Carefully enter the proper email address and mobile number. All future correspondences from the GST Portal will be sent on this registered email address and mobile number only. Both cannot be changed till 1st April 2017. Both email address and mobile number need to be verified via OTP.
  4. Once contact details are verified user will be requested to create a new unique username and password of their choice.
  5. For security purpose user also need to set series of five security questions and answers. These can be used to recover password in case you forget it in the future.
  6. After completing these steps you will be again requested to login using a newly created username and password.

Subsequent Login with Username and Password

  1. Enrollment application can be filled only in the English Language.
  2. After logging in user will be able to see the dashboard and need to proceed with provisional ID enrollment
  3. User need to complete following sections one by one
    • Business Details
    • Promoter/ partner Details
    • Authorized Signatory
    • Principal Place of Business
    • Additional Place of Business
    • Goods & Services
    • Bank Account Details
    • Followed by verification
  4. During enrollment application following details will be auto-populated based on your existing data in VAT System and you cannot edit them:
    • Legal name of Business (as per PAN)
    • PAN of the Business
    • State
    • Ward/Circle/Sector
  5. Anytime during the registration process, you can save the application and start again later.

Required Information and Documents During Enrollment Process

Before you start with your registration enrollment, please keep following documents ready.

  1. Company Details and Tax registration details
  2. Proof of Constitution of Business
  3. Promoter details including their contact information, PAN details and photograph
  4. Proof of appointment of Authorized Signatory
  5. Details of principal places of business and related proof. Nature of business activities being carried out at mentioned premises.
  6. Additional places of business and nature of business activities being carried out at those places.
  7. Details of goods and commodities supplied by the business. The user also needs to map each of these with relevant HSN Code.
    • HSN Code search tool is provided on the website.
    • You can add maximum 5 goods and 5 services
    • In case, you have more than 5 goods and services, you must add the top 5 goods or services you are dealing with.
  8. Bank Account details along with IFSC Codes and supporting documents
  9.  You will also need DSC for verification purpose.

After completing the enrollment process you will receive the acknowledgment in next 15 minutes on your registered email address and mobile phone number Application Reference Number (ARN) Receipt is sent on your email address and mobile phone number. Do preserve the ARN carefully, it will be used for the future references. You can also check the status of your application at the official website using ARN number.

The provisional GST Registration certificate will be available on the portal on your dashboard. The documents submitted by you will be verified by the tax authority before the issuance of the final certificate.The final registration certificate will be provided to you after approximate time of six months.

There is also 20 min enrollment video based tutorial available on the official GST website for your help.


  1. Amal sarkar says:

    I want GST registration

  2. BIKASH GHOSH says:

    hello i am BIKASH GHOSH from Assam

    how can i registration GST at online, can you please help me?


    My Name is Kripal Singh Negi

    Hi Hello
    My Wife is a self Employed & we have already registered ourself in GST, but now as we want to do entry of our sales & purchase i.e GSTR1, GSTR2, & GSTR4 process. As being enrolled our self in Composition Scheme , kindly guide me the website or portal where the official entry process takes place.

    • prakash agarwal says:

      You can file through or you can use our services for a nominal fee.
      Apart from return filing our services have the advantage of data validation by an expert and you would not need to worry about deadlines and processes.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    hii… i have at cloth shop at assam.
    total stock is approx 15 lakh all time.

    i dont fall under tax category.
    my question is if i buy clothes from delhi or bombay, do i also have to be GST registered


    i paramjit singh bhatia a cable oprator in kanpur up my network is registerd from entertainment deprt but till date i am unnon how can i get my gst number please guide me at my e mail

  7. gstsamadhaan says:

    Hi Rajat,
    If you are en existing taxpayer, say VAT, you will get username and password from the local tax officer , or you can get it through VAT online portal of the State. If you do not have the login for VAT portal, ask your agent who files returns and he should have it. The similar process will apply for Service tax payers also. Once you have provisional Id and password, we can do everything required for your GST registration.

    If you are not a taxpayer and want a new GST registration, please write to us at

    GST Samadhaan Team

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  9. RAJAT KUMAR KAR says:

    how can i get user name ad password

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